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A groundbreaking technology

Ability to integrate high-performance plants to manufacture several million capsules per year.

low need for human resources

Since it’s not a demanding job, planting capsules can be done by a small group of people. Less people are needed since one person can plant over 100 capsule in a day.

all year long planting

The biodegradable hard shell and protective layer of the Regenseed capsule allow it to be planted in any climate and by default seasons.

Self sustaining

The Regenseed doesn’t require any watering or basic maintenance as everything the seed needs is inside it capsule.

Our humble beginnings

In the world, there is presently an imbalance.
We can see it with the viruses and new diseases that have resurged because of a lack of biodiversity on our planet.

The solution to our collective problem is to plant trees.

Trees allow us to rebuild micro-organisms that protect our health and sequester carbon.

Regenord has planted more than 1000 billion trees in the past, and we can say that traditionally planting trees will not allow us to reach our goal.

Our solution is to plant seeds instead of seeds:  Regenseed.


– Alain Belanger

With seeds, we have the potential to improve biodiversity. Each Regenseed would have different objectives; some would be to feed a bird species, others to restore aquatic fauna, or even to revive an endangered species.

When traditionally planting trees, these things are impossible as we will be encouraging monoculture. Whereas Regenseed allows you to plant shrubs, trees, conifers, etc… There are no more limits!

Regenseed ensures a better future for the generations to come.

We work with leaders, governments, and communities around the world. Let’s work together to make this solution available not only across Canada but also the world.

Our solution

Each Regenseed solutions are carefully craft for your land’s needs.
Here’s a shortlist of our patented recipe for the Regenseed.
* Please note that the solution may vary depending on the objective.

Here’s what is in the Regenseed. This is the solution RS-2456.

  • Recipe; nutrients
  • Seeds of the red maple
  • Special liquid
  • Biodegradable hard shell
  • Biodegradable protective layer
  • Bacterial compost fibers


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